As it pursues 100% trustworthy quality, it concentrates all the attention to constructing the nice service. It strives for the perfect and high standard serving system. It provides vast customers with the superior before, mid and after sale service support at any time. At the same time clients can truly enjoy the value added service of Bigboss elevators n escalators.

Services we provide:-

  • 24×7 days breakdown Service
  • 365 days helpline for registering complaints
  • 24 hrs Emergency Services. *Special Emergency service only in case of accident or person getting trapped in elevator.
  • Specially designed yearly maintenance program for every kind of elevator that helps to keep the elevator in smooth and safe operating condition
  • The Annual maintenance program is operated by qualified and experienced technical maintenance staff
  • Digital record maintenance of every breakdown request that allows us to figure out recurring faults – if any. Extra measures are taken by experts in such special cases.
  • Fully equipped material store with genuine spares and latest tools that facilitates prompt response to any breakdown request
  • Team of technicians is provided with vehicles to ensure the speedy commute to customer site.
  • Afforable charges for maintenance contract.
  • Competent Management and state-of-the art technology for customers care and services.
  • Personal attention by management to every elevator erected and maintained.

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