Villa Elevator (Home Use Elevator)

Villa Lift Has Been Mainly Designed According To The Requirements From Extensive Family Users. It Features As Small Covering Space, None Lift Wall, Little Noise, Convenient Installation, Fine Safety And Reliability. It Is An Ideal Household Elevator For The Duplex And Multi-Storey Families. It Is Also The Most Ideal Up & Down Means Of Transportation For The Old, The Sick And The Disabled. Environmental Protection And Energy-Saving: Regarding Single Phase 220V Voltage, The Power Loss Is Equal To That Of One Refrigerator.


  • None Pit, None Construction Well,Gearless, Attractive And Comfortable.
  • Door-    Collapsible, Swing, Telescopic(Manual/Auto),Auto Centre Opening
  • Capacity :- 300 kg max
  • Travel Height – Max 15 mtr
  • Cage –    SS/Glass OR CUSTOMER CHOICE
  • Drive –    Single, Variable Speed

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